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Algarve in Portugal: a paradise for surfers and water sport lovers

For anyone who is looking for a beautiful backdrop for their next vacation, Algarve might just be the perfect location. Algarve is the southern region of Portugal. This location features some of the very best beaches in the entire country, which already has some of the best beaches of all of Europe.

Plus, with its location closer to the Northern tip of Africa, the weather is almost always warm and sunny, so you can experience fun in the sun year round. And, with all of the different beaches and continual sun, there are some excellent advantages for water sports lovers everywhere. This way, whether you are looking for surfing in Algarve or you just want to mingle on the beach, there are several different amazing locations for you to take in.

Algarve's famous beachfront

Potentially the most famous beachfront location in the entire country is Marinha Beach. This location has pristine water and is surrounded by large rock formations, which seems to directly separate the water from the sky and land. This way, you are able to truly take in the water that is around you.

Surfing in Algarve comes to its fruition right here, and while there is the main beachfront for swimmers and general sun bathers, around the southern tip of the beach is the best location for surfing. It is recommended you have some surfing experience though, due to the larger rock fronts in the area, as it is possible to strike such a rock when coming back in with the surf.

On top of this, windsurfing is a popular pastime, ass is paddle boating. All of these give a different variation of surfing, depending on the level of activity you are looking for and what is going to produce the desired thrill level you want to seek out for yourself.

Photo Credits: mgprojects