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Today is a big day, we are very proud to announce that is finally online! is the first real important european portal exclusively for accommodation located near the greatest surf spots in Europe. Houses, Hotels, B&B, Surf Camp, Rooms and Apartments with just a simple click. Euro Surf Rental uses an innovating search engine that allows the surfers to find the right accommodation to the surfing level and much more!

Surfing holidays and vacations are the epitome of perfection for surfers, but sometimes preparing for a vacation can be a tough task since it requires a lot of planning. First surfers have to pick a premier location, and then in order to make their surf break a reality have to plan for flight or train travel and book a room at a hotel.

Sometimes finding a hotel that is located close to the surf and very accommodating to surfers can be a difficult task. However, those that love water sports do now have a better alternative as the very first European surf accommodation portal is about to be a reality.

Surfing all around Europe

Finding a surf accommodation rental should be the easiest part of planning your surf break, whereas plotting out which surfs to hit should be the challenge. With the right accommodation portal surfers can check out all of the top accommodations located near top surfing destinations in Iceland, Morocco, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, UK, Azores, Belgium, Spain, Norway, France, Italy, and Wales. A portal will also allow browsers to do some research to make sure that the accommodation will live up to any other standards they have past a convenient location.

Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and practically walking right out to the surf. This can be a reality with the right planning and the online community has made it easy to look up the top surfing destinations in the world and the hotels that cater to their audience. Make your next holiday a bit easier and thrilling by checking out our surf accommodation portal!


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    GRANDI! Feb 05, 2014

    complimenti e buona fortuna!! ;)

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    Great idea!

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    Wow! This is great .