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Surf Holidays France: How to Organize It

Surf holidays in France are known for some of the world’s finest beaches that have an outstanding atmosphere of impressive sand dunes and excellent beach breaks. You will also find amazing food and renowned old-world fine wine at your fingertips. There are various spots where you can discover barrier reefs and river mouths that make the ideal location for surfing.

Where you want to go?

One of the first things to do when organizing surf holidays in France is to decide where you want to go. Some of the most well-known surf spots are Basque Country, Britanny South, Britanny North, Landes, Gironde, the Mediterranean, Normandy, Pays-de-la-Loire and Poitou-Charente. There are several ways to help you decide on a location such as accommodations, population (crowds or privacy), type of waves (novice or expert) and entertainment best suited to your lifestyle.

Brittany North and the Mediterranean occasionally provide waves. However, the most dependable waves are in southern France. The Basque Coast and the west-facing Atlantic coastline are well known for its abundance of great surf. When the surfing is good you will discover barrel or tubing beach breaks that groundswell from low pressure systems. You definitely will not find wind chop at these famous locations.

Most popular surf spots

Some of the most popular surf spots are Hossegor, Guethary, Anglet, Belharra and Biarritz. If you are a novice then some of the ideal locations to learn the art of surfing are Hossegor, Les Casernes (all levels) or Biarritz. Many beaches also offer Learn to surf camps.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced surfer and are looking for big waves then you might want to go to Guethary or Belharra. The waves are said to have an average of 5 meter swells. Lacanau is also known for its big waves but also has small to medium swells. The Lacanau Pro has been held here since 1979.

When to surf in France?

When organizing your trip you need to consider the best time to vacation. The most popular time to surf in France is the warm months between June and August. You will experience fabulous warm days, wonderful waves and many people. Fall and spring are also great times to catch waves if you want more privacy. The weather is still a little warm and you will find some great waves. But for the expert, surf holidays in France most any time of year can be excellent.

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