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Surf Holidays in Italy: from north to south

When you think of surfing, chances are you think of the massive wave coastlines along Australia, Hawaii and other ocean, based locations. However, there are actually some excellent surfing locations right in the heart of Europe, as the Mediterranean is able to provide excellent surfing options, all while you enjoy some of the very best vacation spots in the world. Italy, namely, has some of the best surfing offerings inside all of Europe, so if you are a surfer at heart (or are at least looking to take a few lessons), there are several different options, regardless of where you are looking to visit.

Italy: not just a peninsula

Italy is not just a peninsula, but there are also several different islands that make up the country as well. Sicily is one of the most desired visitation spots in all of the country, due to its seclusion from the rest of the country. It is laid back, comfortable and a crown jewel for the country. It also is an excellent location for surfing. There are a total of 20 surf spots available on the island, so you should never run into any real crowding, regardless of which spot you decide to look into. Just about every major beach on the island has a surfing spot, and the surf isn't terribly difficult, so if you are looking to start surfing on your own, this is an excellent location to start.

From north to south Italy

As for the mainland, there are 122 different surf spots. The two most popular surf spots are Andora and Portonovo. Andora is available for all surfer types, as while the surf is excellent, it is a beach break, so you'll be coming straight back into the sandy beach. While taking surf holidays in Italy though, the Portonovo should only be experienced if you have surfed before and know what you are doing. This is because it is a point-break surf type, which can lead to more injuries during surf holidays in Italy.

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