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Top 5 Surf spots in Fuerteventura

It's not to difficult to understand why people become addicted to surfing. The wide open air, beautiful beaches - (as the famous Corralejo Beaches Fuerteventura) - and the feeling of being able to tame a powerful ocean wave. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found on Canary island, Spain. So here is the top 5 surf spots in Fuerteventura.

5. Punta Blanca

The first spot on the list is Punta Blanca. Home to some of the most awesome waves for windsurfers, because of the reefs and rocks, this spot is for expert surfers only. But the water is clean and the air is pure, so if a surfer wants a challenge, this is the place!

4. Playa de Esquinzo

Rolling in at number 4 on our list is perhaps the most gorgeous surfs. Playa de Esquinzo boasts crystal clear waters that one can almost see to the bottom and a tropical water temperature that one can surf in all day long!

3. El Cotillo

Number 3 on the countdown is El Cotillo. This spot is a great second option for beginners as it picks up a ton of swells coming into the beach. It's awesome because one can ride a small sized wave for a good while. That's what makes El Cotillo excellent!

2. Hierro

Coming in at runner up on our list is Hierro. With its fast moving waves and white sandy beaches it definitely makes for a good time. But watch out for the rocky reefs. This surf spot rolls in at an intermediate level.

1. The Bubble

And the winner of our top surf spots in Fuerteventura goes to The Bubble. The Bubble is perhaps the best known beach. And why not? A surfer flies on this beach! You better be a master to tackle this boss!

What's your favorite spot in Fuerteventura to let loose on the waves?

Photo Credits: Living Fuerteventura