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The Red House of La Peña
Arrabal Sector Torre de la Peña, 25
Tarifa, Spain 11380

The Red House of La Peña

Andalucia (Spain), Tarifa

  • Accommodation type: House
  • From 70.00 € /night
Nice house between mountain and sea, less tha five minutes walk from the closer beach. Inside natural park of straight of Gibraltar. The best conditions for kitesurf,windsurf,surfing,mountainbkie,hiking and there is a free private tennis court. posibility of BBQ and TV
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Beds: Double bed
Bathroom: Private Bathroom
Services: WiFi, Microwave, Kitchen, Coffee Machine, Towels, Pets Allowed, Parking, Bike Rental, Smoke
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five minutes walk for the house there is Club Mistral. A really great spot you will find next to the Hurricane Hotel within the bay. Perfect when there ate chaotic waves at Playa Los Lances. Because of the rocky ground the waves break earlier. Stones stick out of the water at low tide. Our recommendation is to go there at higher tide. You will find the best conditions after a swell comes with the wind from the west (Poniente- on shore). This wind brings in a large swell. If the wind changes to off shore (Levante), there will be great tubing waves. This condition is where the local surfers are looking for.The Levante blows the sea flat within a day. So our advise is to get on the water fast when the change comes. -El Spot Secreto (at the end of the Dunes, passing Casa de Porros.) 5KM form the house You can reach it by taking the military road that directs you to the point between The Dunes and Bolonia. The spot is called Benavides by the Spanish surfers. The way to get there is already a nice experience.This beach offers fantastic surfing. Watch out for the rock that appears from under the wave. Conditions are excellent and so is the surrounding landscape. Park you car at the public parking behind the dune. Take the path through the pine woods. Cross some more sand dunes. Here you will find small beach with stones in the water on the left and right. Between these rocks is where the waves break Surf spots outside Tarifa. El Balneario (on the right side of the Isla la Paloma) 5KM from the house Most surfers go to this place. This beach has excellent condiTions. The swell usually gets forced into this corner of the bay and breaks smoothly in a proper beach break. Waves are great for learning and improving your skills. The best time to go surfing here is when tide is rising. -El Bunker (at the end of the beach by the barracks, opposite Hotel Punta Sur) 1KM from the house. All Tarifan surf freaks go surf here in the morning before they go to work You have to be very careful with the rocks.