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The Wolfhouse borns from the utopia of travelling: creating a dynamic family for share their passions in happiness and harmony with others. The love and respect for nature , friendship and healthy living. The holiday is a serious matter for us , we strive every day to the success of our company. We plan trips ''Door to Door'' with a helpful staff 24 hours - From the displacements , the Airlines, shuttle airport-wolfhouse, the arrival at the house, activities / tours and all you need. Our strong point is the field of surfing , which is when our passion come truth for travelling and discovering. The Wolfhouse philosophy wants allow everyone to travel cheap , safe and fun. We work in Santander, Spain, from April to November. Join our barbecue party, sunsrise and sunset surf sessions, our secret local bars for delicious tapas and sangria. Don't forget to dance with us in the ocean at the rythm of salsa and waves :-)