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Rural Surf was born from a group of friends who practice and teach surfing , nature, and adventure sports . All our routes meet at Cottage Surf to meet a unique corner of the Asturian green thing, full of amazing scenery and infinite contrasts , where you can play the sports you love, enjoy a varied cuisine, sharing the time and get away from everything. A completely rural, quiet and pleasant area , home to beaches ideal so you can learn to surf and surfing without crowds , in a unique natural environment. We do not understand surfing as a fashion or as a way of life, the Surf is an exciting experience, an accessible activity for people of almost all ages and physical conditions that are sure to bring unforgettable experiences . Therefore Rural Surf , puts at your service a team of highly qualified professionals to help you learn in the most appropriate manner, creating a solid foundation that will allow you to enjoy the water safely and enjoyably from day one .