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Surf and stay! Surfing: Experience pure joy while surfing with us - the connection between wave and surfer is unique and breathtaking! Give it a go - you will love it if you have always liked the water and life on the beach. Surfing is an ambitious sport but is connected to a chilled-out lifestyle. It is all about having fun. The surf camp has a laid-back vibe and accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. At Oporto FISH Surf Camp there are surf camp packages and accommodations available for everyone and you have the option to stay in one of our double rooms with private bathroom, shared dorm rooms for 8/6 persons or in separate apartments (city flats), city suites with private bath room (for different prices). We have accommodation at downtow, near airport and at beach, a great variety to have many options for your surf and stay . Our surf school, where most of the surf lessons take place all year round, is based in Matosinhos beach – a beach break suitable for beginners and experienced surfers in bigger days. Surf lessons: The surf instructors/coaches are qualified surf instructors and are educated in both surf practice as well as theory . They offer you their knowledge and help you with tips and tricks on land and in the water. Certified Surf Coaches Our surf coaches have been certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, which included a complete theoretical and physical training towards the teaching of surf, as well as emergency medical procedures.We are not only surfers, we are surf teachers, and have trained hard to provide you with a true exciting and safe surf experience. We are not only surfers, we are surf teachers, and have trained hard to provide you with a true exciting and safe surf experience. The instructors are in the water with you, always helping you into the best waves of your life and not simply observing from the beach. Oporto FISH Surf Camps enforces a ratio of one instructor per eight students and employ an assistant for each instructor for extra safety, effectively giving a 2-8 ratio of teaching staff to students. Your instructor and assistant will be assigned to your group for the duration of your stay meaning each day you can achieve personal targets discussed with your instructor each lesson. Includes all the equipment needed and suited for all levels of surfing. We welcome everyone from singles to families, experts to novices, the best surfing holiday is waiting for you here in Matosinhos, Portugal. Accomodation The camp is located in Porto city center. Guests can choose between hostel or hotel accommodation, single, double or shared rooms (surfcamp 1 and surfcamp2). All the guests have free breakfast and have access to the kitchen in order to prepare their meals. There are several restaurants and shopping places near the surfcamp and a meal for 8 € is easily findable in the camp surroundings. Internet and TV access are also provided as well as bed linen, towels and storing of valuables. We are a surf school and surf camp based on Oporto, Matosinhos beach, Portugal. We are close to Oporto city center and here we had to adapted our surf camp offer to our reality. So, our school is located at Matosinhos beach (9km from Oporto downtown) and it's easy to arrive to Matosinhos by metro (subway) and by bus (about 30min). Normally our clients stays at downtown because they love to go out by night (our famous "movida do Porto") and because other attractions. We are the only surf school at Oporto who haves those variety of surfcamps and we have a positive feedback. So as to join the CITY and BEACH holidays Oporto FISH Surf Camp created it 3 different types of surf camps: Stay at surfcamp1 (airport hostel) or surfcamp2 (city hostel) surfcamp3* (city flat or city suites) *Consult our different prices for surf camp 3 with our Oporto accommodation partners - surfcamp1 (accommodation shared room or double room near at airport Francisco Sá Carneiro OPO), ideal for surfers who wants to catch Oporto/North surf spots like Leça da Palmeira, Azurara, Mindelo, Aguçadoura and don't stay so close at city. Tranquility, peaceful and good for who haves to catch flights earlier (normally Ryanair flights are 5/7am). - surfcamp 2 (accommodation in Oporto downtown, we work with 2 medium size hostels well located), good for big groups of young people who wants to enjoy the best offers from city and from beachWith shared dormitories and private rooms in a century old building, a 3-minute walk from the central Aliados Avenue. São Bento train and metro station is 4 minutes’ walking distance.Galerias de Paris with its pubs and clubs is 500 metres from Porto Alive Hostel, as well as Clérigos Tower. - surfcamp 3 (accommodation in city flat/apartment/double rooms/suites Oporto City Flats or Oporto City suites), good for couples and for who are looking comfort or due to economic empowerment of them. Note: Depending the accommodation different prices We are the only surf school at Oporto who haves those variety of surfcamps and we have a positive feedback.