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Oporto Excentric Hostel Design / Surf offers a new accommodation concept with custom design about the City's main points of interest in an cozy atmosphere. You will find in our space a mix of styles, character, fun, culture and sports. It's a new experience for those who seek a different place to stay. Oporto Excentric is not an Hotel! Here, you will feel almost as if you were at home! Oporto Excentric Hostel Design / Surf has a unique concept: Rooms that are customized about the City. The hostel is themed about Oporto City, and you can find rooms with different designs. The interior of the room is decorated about the main points of interest, such as: Serralves Foundation, the Music House, City Park, House of Animation, São Bento Train Station, Cafe Majestic, Ardina and others, transforming each room into a work of art individually. Attracting people from all walks of life, the atmosphere of Design / Surf Hostel makes guests interact and share new experiences. Here you will have access to everything you look for at this great relaxed and informal atmosphere.